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It’s getting to be that time of year again! How can the weather change and get so cooler in  48 hours?

Cute Pups like this Lab Bennie know where to find a rugged boot.

Since 1912, L.L. Bean has believed in the adventure of a life lived outdoors, the promise of a fair deal, and the guarantee that everything they make is designed to last.


Nature Has All The Answers

L.L. Bean was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. It is still family-owned, and has been inspiring people to live life outdoors.  Connecting with nature every day, and the belief in making classic, long-lasting, high functioning pieces that help you experience it your way whether that’s a picnic in the park or a 10 day trek. 

in 1911, an avid outdoorsman named Leon Leonwood (L.L.) Bean returned from a hunting trip with cold, damp, feet and a revoulutionary idea. L.L. enlisted a local cobbler to stitch leather uppers to workman’s rubber boots, creating a comfortable, functional boot for exploring the Maine woods. 

This innovative boot – the Maine Hunting Shoe – changed outdoor footwear forever and began one of the most successful family-run businesses in the country. 

Maine Hunting Shoe

Maine Hunting Shoe

L.L. began his business in the basement of his bother’s apparel shop. In 1912, he obtained a mailing list of nonresident Maine hunting licence holders and prepared a three page flyer that boldly proclaimed

“You Cannot Expect Success Hunting Deer or Moose If Your Feet Are Not Properly Dressed. The Maine Hunting Shoe is Designed By a Hunter Who Has Tramped the Maine woods For The Last 18 Years. We Guarantee Them To Give Perfect Satisfaction In Every Way.” 

The public could not resist the commonsense logic and genuine enthusiasm of this appeal. 

Leon Leonwood Bean

A Young Leon Leonwood (L.L.) Bean

Although a hundred orders came in for the new product, L.L. did not meet immediate success. The rubber bottoms separated from the leather tops and 90 of the first 100 pairs were returned. Although it nearly put him out of business, L.L. kept his word and refunded the purchase price. He borrowed money, corrected the problem and with undiminished confidence, mailed more brochures. L.L. learned the value of personally testing his products and honest advertising based on firm convictions and keeping the customer satisfied at any cost. 


Customers spread the word of L.L.Bean’s quality and service. L.L. built on his success, using all company profits for advertising. He was so intent on building his mailing list that Maine writer and Freeport resident John Gould was inspired to say,

“If you drop in just to shake his hand, you get home to find his catalog in your mailbox.”

Leon Gorman noted decades later, “The most important legacy of L.L.’s genius was the power of his personality. It transcended the buying and selling of products. His personal charisma based on down-home honesty, a true love for the outdoors and a genuine enthusiasm for people, inspired all who worked for him and attracted a fanatic loyalty among his customers.”

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Athletic Sweats Zip up

Bean Fleece Sewater Zipup

Weather Channel Partnership 

Since 2005, The Weather Channel meteorologists have relied on L.L.Bean outerwear to keep them warm and dry in the field. Designed by experts, tested in extreme conditions and proven to deliver superior performance – whether you’re battling the elements in front of the camera or in your own backyard.

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Official L.L. Bean Weather Channel Pro Shell Jacket




Whatever your adventure, be brave, dress warm and be prepared for the elements.


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