L.L. Bean


Duck Boots

It’s getting to be that time of year again! How can the weather change and get so cooler in  48 hours?

Cute Pups like this Lab Bennie know where to find a rugged boot.

Since 1912, L.L. Bean has believed in the adventure of a life lived outdoors, the promise of a fair deal, and the guarantee that everything they make is designed to last.


Nature Has All The Answers

L.L. Bean was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. It is still family-owned, and has been inspiring people to live life outdoors.  Connecting with nature every day, and the belief in making classic, long-lasting, high functioning pieces that help you experience it your way whether that’s a picnic in the park or a 10 day trek. 

in 1911, an avid outdoorsman named Leon Leonwood (L.L.) Bean returned from a hunting trip with cold, damp, feet and a revoulutionary idea. L.L. enlisted a local cobbler to stitch leather uppers to workman’s rubber boots, creating a comfortable, functional boot for exploring the Maine woods. 

This innovative boot – the Maine Hunting Shoe – changed outdoor footwear forever and began one of the most successful family-run businesses in the country. 

Maine Hunting Shoe

Maine Hunting Shoe

L.L. began his business in the basement of his bother’s apparel shop. In 1912, he obtained a mailing list of nonresident Maine hunting licence holders and prepared a three page flyer that boldly proclaimed

“You Cannot Expect Success Hunting Deer or Moose If Your Feet Are Not Properly Dressed. The Maine Hunting Shoe is Designed By a Hunter Who Has Tramped the Maine woods For The Last 18 Years. We Guarantee Them To Give Perfect Satisfaction In Every Way.” 

The public could not resist the commonsense logic and genuine enthusiasm of this appeal. 

Leon Leonwood Bean

A Young Leon Leonwood (L.L.) Bean

Although a hundred orders came in for the new product, L.L. did not meet immediate success. The rubber bottoms separated from the leather tops and 90 of the first 100 pairs were returned. Although it nearly put him out of business, L.L. kept his word and refunded the purchase price. He borrowed money, corrected the problem and with undiminished confidence, mailed more brochures. L.L. learned the value of personally testing his products and honest advertising based on firm convictions and keeping the customer satisfied at any cost. 


Customers spread the word of L.L.Bean’s quality and service. L.L. built on his success, using all company profits for advertising. He was so intent on building his mailing list that Maine writer and Freeport resident John Gould was inspired to say,

“If you drop in just to shake his hand, you get home to find his catalog in your mailbox.”

Leon Gorman noted decades later, “The most important legacy of L.L.’s genius was the power of his personality. It transcended the buying and selling of products. His personal charisma based on down-home honesty, a true love for the outdoors and a genuine enthusiasm for people, inspired all who worked for him and attracted a fanatic loyalty among his customers.”

Totes, Apparel + Outerwear

Athletic Sweats Zip up

Bean Fleece Sewater Zipup

Weather Channel Partnership 

Since 2005, The Weather Channel meteorologists have relied on L.L.Bean outerwear to keep them warm and dry in the field. Designed by experts, tested in extreme conditions and proven to deliver superior performance – whether you’re battling the elements in front of the camera or in your own backyard.

L.L. Bean Discovery School


Official L.L. Bean Weather Channel Pro Shell Jacket




Whatever your adventure, be brave, dress warm and be prepared for the elements.


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Photos & Video Courtesy L. L. Bean


KPJ Instagram

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Sea Bags Maine

Any Day On The Water Is A Good Day

Lighthouse Bag

Lighthouse Bag

Sea Bags are born and as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories that bring customers great happiness.

Sea Bags Believes That Sails Soak Up SUN, SALT, SMILES and ADVENTURE! 

You can’t visit Maine or coastal New England without noticing these UNIQUE bags in gift shops that are made from sails.

Hannah Kubiak, Founder and Co-owner created Sea Bags in Portland, Maine in 1999, and was inspired by a nickname her father went by. In 2006, Beth Shissler became a partner and co-owner of the world known custom bag maker made on the Portland waterfront.

Sea Bags makes eco friendly boat bags and products from recycled sails. The cornerstone of the business has been built on three principals.

1. Keeping their products and practices GREEN

2. Keeping their product made in the USA, primarily in Maine

 3. Giving back to the community 

BEST SELLING Navy Anchor Tote

BEST SELLING Navy Anchor Tote

The sails they acquire are cleaned before they are made into bags and the materials retain the essence of what they once were, where they’ve been and what they’ve done. 

It Is THIS Previous Life That Makes Each BAG Unique!

Sea Bags Boat Builder Collection in Red

Sea Bags Boat Builder Collection in Red

Fall 2016 Sea Bags

Fall 2016 Sea Bags

Custom Sea Bags

Custom Sea Bags

Stars, Anchors and Metallic bags are some of the well known signatures of this water-bound brand. They currently have 9 company stores and are available at gift shops all over New England & beyond. You can visit a Sea Bags Company store in Portland & Freeport, Maine, Cape May, NJ, Chatham, Mashpee, Newburyport & Rockport, MA, Greenpoint NY and Mystic, CT. 

One of a Kind Totes, Wine Bags, Vintage Sea Bags and Accessories

Whale Clutch

Whale Clutch

Metallic Gold Star Wine Bag

Metallic Gold Star Wine Bag


At SEA BAGS “Recycled” + “Sustainable” are NOT afterthoughts. They are the cornerstone of the brand. Products are up-cycled from used sails, echo-friendly inks are used and innovative solutions are developed to reduce scrap. 

Over the last 15 years SEA BAGS has saved over 500 tons of material from going to landfills.

Shop Sea Bags One of A Kind Vintage Bags

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All Photos Courtesy Sea Bags

SEa Bags Made usa

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Lilly Pulitzer

The Lilly Essentials

Lilly Pulitzer logo

The Lilly Essentials

The Things You Should Know

Love The Sun + Sand, Long Lunches + Short Dresses and Bright Vibrant PRINTS.


The Staples 

The Shift Dress

What happens when a lady (rebellious socialite) with a Palm Beach juice stand gets stains on her dresses? Most people would have worn an apron, Lilly decided the only logical way to avoid colorful juice stains on her dress was to hide them with wild prints!

Lilly’s Shift dresses became so popular that Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore them. The Lilly shift was liberating to Palm Beach residents. Sleeveless, collarless, ever so lightly skimming the body. It was a welcome change from the wound too tight dresses and gloves they were accustomed to.



Quote 1 LP


“These Clothes Make People Happy.”

“You Feel Happy Wearing Bight Colors. It Makes You Smile. Who Doesn’t Want To Smile A Little Bit More these Days” – Lilly Pulitzer

This caftan is the definition of summer love. 😍 #SummerInLilly

A video posted by Lilly Pulitzer (@lillypulitzer) on

And Smile We Do! 

Resort Wear Is Born

It’s not that they meant to start a shift dress revolution; it’s their lives were too fun NOT to emulate. Everyone wore the Lilly shifts because it was one step closer to Lilly – an embodiment of the resort life and a magnet of pure joy, fun and sun!


Tag the bestie who’s always by your side. #SummerInLilly

A photo posted by Lilly Pulitzer (@lillypulitzer) on

Are You A Lilly Girl

From shifts to party dresses, beach wear to resort wear. Lilly Pulitzer makes dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories and shoes. 


Just in case… #Resort365

A photo posted by Lilly Pulitzer (@lillypulitzer) on

Grab some bags, notebooks and a cell phone cover and start planning your dream!

Looking good from every angle, @katiesbliss #Resort365 #Regram

A photo posted by Lilly Pulitzer (@lillypulitzer) on

Count The Happy Hours…Don’t Save Them for 5:00

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Feature Photos Courtesy Lilly Pulitzer





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Chatham Chino Company


 Those Chino’s…What’s The Story

Chino’s…There Everywhere! A Classic! But, did you know these  popular pants have a unique story tied to New England, on Cape Cod? 

In 1925, Abraham Penn, founder of the clothing store Puritan Cape Cod opened his first Cape Cod location in Chatham and sold chino pants to the Chatham U.S. Coast Guard station. 

February 18th, 1952 – Upon the sinking of the SS Pendleton, Puritan’s Cape cod manager Ben Shufro met the survivors at the Chatham Coast Guard station to outfit them with dry clothing.


Chatham Chino Company salutes the film The Finest Hours recognizing the story of the SS Pendelton and its survivors in Chatham. The rescue of the SS Pendelton is often called the greatest small boat rescue in the U.S. Coast Guard history.


2012 – Inspired by these roots and the Coast Guard’s rugged, seaworthy pants, Chatham Chino Company was born.

Puritan Cape Cod owners Rick and Jim’s family history on Cape Cod naturally led them to create the label. Feeling fortunate to be a part of Cape Cod for 93 years, they felt it was the right time to develop the authentic Cape Cod lifestyle brand. 

Chatham Chino Company

A Cape Cod Exclusive Lifestyle Brand

Chatham Chino’s feature hardworking, high-quality cotton with a comfortable fit and a salt-washed weathered look that emphasizes the clothing’s rugged, Cape Cod heritage.  

The pants are perfect for men who appreciate good looking, high quality casual clothing with a style that captures the spirit of Cape Cod. 

chatham_chino Local authentic details include the signature dual hurricane flag logo. The same flag that the Coast Guard raises in storm conditions. Today, shirts, belts, hats and other items include the brand signature.

Sewn with 100 percent rugged weathered cotton twill, these pants are as well-suited for weathering the salt spray on a sloop in Vineyard Sound as they are for an afternoon with the family. 


Each pair of chinos includes the Puritan story, which is embossed on the inside pocket of the flat-front pants. The Coast Guard’s famous bright red and blue hurricane double flags logo can be found on hats,  shirts, sport belts and of course the popular chino’s. 

Committed to the quality of their brand the Penns returned the first shipment of 1,000 pairs of Chatham Chinos in 2012, losing an entire summer of profits. “The chinos arrived for our June launching—we were all excited and the labels were right, and everything looked just great,” says Jim. “But we tried the pants on and they were the wrong fit, the wrong silhouette—so we sent the entire order back and waited to launch the line in September.”


With the exception of their website, Chatham Chino Company is kept close to home where they first began, exclusively available at Puritan Cape Cod’s four locations.

The Chatham Chino Story is a real New England Story. Shoppers get to own a true piece of Cape Cod history.

 It all goes back to something Abraham used to say; if you live in a community, you should give back to the community.

This is our way to celebrate the core values our grandfather instilled in us.”

To Preview the Chatham Chino Company website Click Here

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Photos Courtesy Chatham Chino Company and Puritan Cape Cod

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The Vineyard Vines Story

Shep and Ian Murray, Photo Courtesy Vineyard Vines

Shep and Ian Murray, Photo Courtesy Vineyard Vines

Every Day Should Feel This Good 

It has for Shep and Ian Murray since the Summer of 1998. 18 years ago, these two brothers traded their business suits for bathing suits and stopped wearing ties and started selling them. 

It's the week we've all been waiting for! The @KentuckyDerby is almost here! 🐎🌹 #EDSFTG #VVDerby16

A video posted by vineyard vines (@vineyardvines) on

Living The American Dream

It started with humble beginnings in the late 1990’s. Two brothers who worked in New York City after graduating from college. Shep worked on Wall Street and Ian worked in public relations. Ironically, they both quit their jobs within 10 minutes of each other, ordered some drinks and clinked their glasses to the future, and that’s how Vineyard Vines was born! 



Shep and Ian were accustomed to traveling the world as kids. Their father was a travel writer for the Robb Report, Connecticut Magazine and other publications. They accompanied him on business trips and stayed at resorts and got an up-close chance to see how hospitality operations ran. The family lived in Connecticut and summered on Martha’s Vineyard and the brothers were huge fans of the water, fishing and having fun.

Flash forward to the Summer of 1988. There was no real reason why it was Ties. Aside from T-shirts, there was nothing to tell anyone that you had been to the Vineyard. That’s where the idea came from.


Why Not Make Ties That Represent The Things That We LOVE To Do On The Vineyard

They took advantage of the casual Friday trend that was blooming and a need for a young, energetic preppy look and said  “Why not make ties that represent the things that we love to do on the Vineyard?” They went on to make cool ties that other people would wear. Icons of the good life of sailing, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, martini’s and cigars.

Let’s Make Cool Ties For Other Guys To Wear

 They made and delivered the first 800 ties  July 3rd, 1998 to Carol Fligor of Fligor’s in Edgartown. She took the ties on consignment and they sold out in a week. They quickly reordered and the rest is history!


Today, Vineyard Vines includes a full range of shirts, jackets, caps, skirts, pants, belts, flip-flops and totes for men, women and children that are sold across the country. The vacation-themed gear  is available at over 30 Vineyard Vine stores nationwide, as well as online and at 600+ specialty boutique and department stores including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Sak’s Fifth Avenue.


It all started on Martha’s Vineyard. Shep and Ian’s parents were the ones who really taught them about the Vineyard. The island is a place they love more than any other in the world. The goal of Vineyard Vines is to embody the relaxed life that so many enjoy during Vineyard summers. The initial concept was to take your relaxed state of mind with you whenever a tie is necessary. They wanted to help people dress for the way they want to live and were inspired by other grassroots companies like Nantucket Nectars, which took a simple product and made it special. 

Men’s Wear, Ladies Wear, Kids Wear

Vineyard Vines carries a full line of women’s dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, shorts, sweaters and outerwear. 

Photo Courtesy Vineyard Vines

Photo Courtesy Vineyard Vines

Best seat in the house. #EDSFTG

A photo posted by vineyard vines (@vineyardvines) on


 Baseball + Football + Hockey & More

Vineyard Vines has several licensing partnerships with Major League Baseball, the NFL and the NHL to produce custom ties and totes for all teams. It has agreements with the New York Giants, and the company has produced custom ties for 150 schools  for major championship events and colleges and has a licence agreement with the Kentucky Derby. Vineyard Vines is the “Official Style” of the annual event. In addition they have a Golf Collection and custom products for major championship events.

Ian and his wife Jamie all decked out in pink for Oaks Day at @churchilldowns! #EDSFTG #VVDerby16

A photo posted by vineyard vines (@vineyardvines) on

To View The Entire Vineyard Vines Collection Click Here

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Feature Photos By Melissa Tyler

Except Where Noted

Instagram Photos Courtesy Vineyard Vines


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Must Finds Shopping Nantucket

IMG_5704 (800x533)


Shopping is a Must on Nantucket. We’ve been a BIG fan of  Keely Smith Designs for years.  Keely is a wash ashore from the UK living on Nantucket via London. With A background in Fashion Design from London, it’s no surprise she created a jewelry line that is based on texture. A stamping design and love of fonts is the signature of  KSD.

You Want This: KSD jewelry with unique sayings

To The Ocean is One of Our Favorites, but there are many others too!


#handstamped #handcrafted #personalizedjewelry #personalizedgift #mothersday #nantucket

A photo posted by KEELY SMITH DESIGNS (@keelysmithdesigns) on

Looking forward to the weekend? #figawi #nantucket #handstamped #jewelry stop by Nalu boutique for some fun summer pieces

A photo posted by KEELY SMITH DESIGNS (@keelysmithdesigns) on

Monelle  ACK at Zero Main Street is a Must Stop. You’ll always find something you LOVE. This is a fun stop for clothing and accessories that we love to spend time in. This visit, we’re talking all things ACK.   These clutch purses are perfect 41.17N.70.6W and Nantucket were two of our favorites! 

You Want This: Clutch Bags That Are ACKDorable



Skar Designs is another Made on Nantucket brand we can’t get enough of. We found these lovely Nantucket necklaces at Blue Beetle This is ALWAYS  a Fun place to Shop.  You’ll find great things to wear on and off Nantucket including a great Cashmere collection. The Shop also has a fantastic collection of Jude Connally Clothing.

You Want This: Nantucket Charm Necklaces


Isobel & Cleo is a favorite one of my stops on ACK.  You’ll find LUXURY handmade and American made knitwear, artisanal goods and  ethical and sustainable designer clothing. Isobel & Cleo was born in Glasgow, Scotland from a fervent desire to sustain traditional  hand-knitting and hand manipulated machine knitting techniques through producing beautiful knitwear. That knitwear and studio is now based on Nantucket. The finest yarns and materials from around the world are used by knitwear designer Charlotte Hess. She creates the entire collection by hand in her quaint studio here on Nantucket and frequently uses organic and sustainable yarns. Hess is an award winning designer and has associations with Free People and other brands. 

You Want This: Luxury Cashmere Wraps



De eerste berichten over het bruikbaarheid van Ivermectine www.ivermectinekopen.com voor de behandeling van Covid-19 verscheen in het voorjaar van 2020. Eerdere laboratoriumstudies hebben aangetoond dat Ivermectine effectief is tegen verschillende virussen, waaronder influenza, HIV-1, Dengue Fever en Zika-virus. Onderzoekers van de Universiteit van Monasha in Australië besloten om te controleren of deze stof ook helpt bij de strijd tegen Chinese coronavirus.

In laboratoriumtests werd aangetoond dat Ivermectine een remmend effect heeft op het SARS-COV-2 -virus, dat wil zeggen, inactiveert het, dat wordt bevestigd door een sanitaire toezichthoudende controle over de kwaliteit van voedsel en Amerikaanse drugs (FDA). Een enkele dosis van het medicijn kon niet alleen de reproductie van het virus stoppen, maar ook om het in 48 uur bijna volledig volledig te elimineren.

Kiel James Patrick Anchor BRACELETS are made in Rhode Island and available at Murray’s Toggery  Shop These Men’s  Sailor knot, leather and metal bracelets are an American classic as are the women anchor bracelets. Murray’s is the place to get your ACK reds.  This family owned and operated year round clothing store is celebrating their 70th year as the home of the original Nantucket Reds! They carry  clothing for men, women and children.  From Summer Party Pants to the softest T’s, Murray’s is a MUST STOP. There’s something for everyone including these Nantucket BlACKbook Happy Place T-shirts that are oh so soft!

You Want This: ACK Reds, KJP Braclets, BlACKbook Happy Place T-shirts + More


IMG_5704 (800x533)

Speaking of Classics! You can’t go bACK without some island SWAG from Nantucket Boat Basin They have a selection of classic Nantucket T-shirts that are soft and you’ll want to wear proud. You’ll find a nice selection of Nantucket Hoodies, Jackets, t-shirts and other items  for Men & Women.  During Christmas Stroll this is the place to get your ACK Stroll Scarves

You Want This: Nantucket Tshirts, Hoodies + More




Photo Courtesy Nantucket Boat Basin

Don’t Forget Something to Sip! Nativ Made is the place for FRESH cold pressed juices! They also have innovative salads and pasties. All are made with locally sourced and responsibly raised and grown ingredients. 

You Want This:  Organic Acai Bowl 

IMG_0138 (853x1280)


Photos By Melissa Tyler

On Nantucket Island

Except where Noted via Instagram

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Kiel James Patrick The New England Story

KJP Classic Atlantic Whalers Braclet

KJP Classic Atlantic Whalers Bracelet

Bracelets + Instagram + New England


This is the story of humble beginnings. How a boy in high school in Rhode Island started making bracelets for kids to wear under their prep school uniforms.  The Kiel James Patrick brand began as many stories do…at home. It was in his parents garage that Kiel started making and selling rope bracelets to local vendors. His partner in creating these bracelets was Sarah Vickers. The two have been a couple since their teens. Kiel taught himself to sew on his grandmother’s sewing machine and handmade the first several thousand bracelets. They dyed the rope by boiling it in lobster pots at his parents house. Kiel discovered he had a knack for design and his hand-made bracelets and belts became popular. 

The Inspiration for the Kiel James Patrick brand was brought on by years spent exploring vintage clothing stores, antique shops and friend’s attics in search of the age-old quality, style and construction once easily found in American made goods. Kiel always loved vintage, classic American clothing.  The KJP brand was created in 2008 and is made in America.


Ah, But this is a love story too! A Classic New England Love Story! Sarah Vickers, Kiels partner in bracelets and all things KJP is a go-to source, who writes her own fashion blog Classy Girls Wear Pearls  You see, before the KJP brand existed there was Wicked Vintage an online vintage clothing shop. Together, Sarah and Kiel haunted New England thrift stores to supply their vintage online clothing shop. The couple found the clothes would sell faster when they photographed themselves wearing them. 

Social Media

A Picture Says A Thousand Words


This is where things really get interesting! Growing a brand and a business today is different than it ever used to be.

Social Media is the Wild Wild West of Our Time.

So how does one sell more product? How do you sell more nautical bracelets, more pearl jewelry, more boat shoes, belts and men’s and women’s apparel? 

The Answer is to promote the KJP Lifestyle as a brand! 

This is what Kiel understands!  Perhaps that’s why his brand has 486 Thousand Followers on Instagram! That’s right, the secret to growing your brand is good self promotion + photography, and Kiel and his wife Sarah Vickers know this. The two are known for working, living and enjoying life in New England and showing the simple pleasures of New England life.

You make me happy when skies are gray 😊

A photo posted by Kiel James Patrick (@kjp) on

Keen Business Sense Will Get You Far

Here’s the thing about doing something well! You receive more opportunities to do more things well! Stacie Browning Hall, owner of Pink Pineapple a Newport, Rhode Island based clothing store and the first  to carry the KJP line praises Patrick’s ability to drive sales through social media. Brands like Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, L & L Bean, Pottery Barn and Starbucks all want to work with this duo.

Real Estate companies are interested in partnering with Patrick in hopes that their mansions and properties might be featured in his Instagram feed. He has an exclusive partnership with  luxury realtor Lila Delman Real Estate to showcase the company’s properties.

The Bracelets


But, let’s not forget this is the story of a boy who dreamed the American Dream. A dream to make classic American products and is inspired by the classic look of the Kennedy’s, boating + sailing and who in the end got the girl of his dreams!

To view the Kiel James Patrick Brand Click Here

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 Photos By The Kiel James Patrick brand

Victory Cup Polo, Patterson, NY. Photo By Melissa Tyler

Kiel James Patrick (standing center of photo) + Friends at Victory Cup Polo, Patterson, NY. Photo By Melissa Tyler


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Serani M Designs Coastal Beach Jewelry


Serani M Designs

Sandra Higgins is an artist. She is also a long time  breast cancer survivor. She started making pink and white bracelets and donated the net proceeds to research. That was when she realized, how many people wanted to support breast cancer and didn’t always want to wear pink. So, she started a line she calls Breast Cancer Bracelet Batches in beautiful earth tones. Some  of the bracelets still have shades of pink within them. “You don’t have to be pink to think” is her motto for the line. Of course, there is a classic pink for those who like the tradition.


Sand + Surf Destination Collection

Her unique style and love for nature, especially the beach is reflected in much of her work including The Sand & Surf Collection.  

Sand + Surf  is a Destination Jewelry line which contains a bit of sand from their extensive collection. It can also be customized by sending a small amount of sand from your favorite beaches! This is the way to keep your memories close to your heart. Each unique piece is handcrafted with care to capture your special day or memory. It’s a way of bringing  you back to special memories and a perfect keepsake from your wedding, vacation or simply your favorite place on earth.

 Sand + Surf is perfect for brides, destination weddings, a special day or even memories from your honeymoon. People send her sand from all over the world. She just completed a custom order for somebody who spent their vacation in Maui!


We talked with Sandra about her craft and her passion. She has strong connections and memories from the beach. “All of my best childhood memories are from the beach. I wanted to capture that and keep it close to me, so that is how I came up with the Destination Jewelry line. I love the organic feel of the sand…it really takes me back.  By adding Swarovski crystals in them it really makes them pop – like the sun bouncing off the ocean.  I love the combination of the organic sand and the crystal together.”



Sandra’s inspiration comes from nature and the beach. Combining natural stones like lava, different types of wood and shells with crystals and pearls. She loves the combination of earth + bling!

Bracelets + Bracelets + Bracelets 

Bracelets in all styles and colors are her next best seller besides the Sand + Surf Collection. Bracelets for causes or just to have some new bling.  What’s better than buying yourself a NEW bauble and also being able to feel it went to a good cause.  Customers come from all over and we recently have been placing our Destination Jewelry line in many shops from Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Maine. We are hoping to include Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket as well. The line is also available as far away as St. Kitts in the Caribbean.


Man Style

A Men’s line of bracelets is also included. Her husband who never thought he’d wear a piece of jewelry now realizes how much he likes it! He loves the leather bracelets and we even have a piece for men in the Destination Jewelry line. It’s on a black rubber cord and it’s done with a darker colored base without the crystals. We’ve done some special orders with those where we have added a black crystal for a special request.


While  doing a show in Sudbury last year, she met a woman who connected  Sandra with a friend who runs the most popular gifting suites for celebrities in Los Angeles. She went onto meet many celebrities from TV and movies such as Angela Bassett. She also met Lan Shi, a very big actress from China. Sandra showed her the Destination Jewelry line. Lan was very excited she ordered a  piece that contains sand from her favorite spot so she could wear close to her heart.  “it’s great not only to meet the celebrities, but to actually know they are wearing my jewelry is such a thrill!” Pieces from her Wired Collection have been worn on the red carpet at the Golden Globes!

Ali Levine who is a celebrity stylist in LA works with Sandra and many of her pieces have appeared in photo shoots and on magazine covers.



Today,  as in years past, Sandra has much gratitude and continues to raise money for breast cancer awareness and many other causes and donates  as much she can.  She loves doing her part to give back. She raises a lot of money for causes as well as others and is very involved in fundraising. She is currently raising funds for an independent documentary being made about an unsolved murder from Kennebunk Maine in 1978. The story is very personal to her and 100 percent of proceeds goes to making this film.

You can also follow her for updates on Facebook  + Twitter + Instagram 
Photos Courtesy of Serani M Designs



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5 Places To Stay DAFFY Weekend on Nantucket

 Daffodil Festival on Nantucket


The Last Weekend in April   The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce holds their Annual Daffodil Festival. It’s a weekend of events that celebrate the Springtime awakening on the Island.  Three decades later this years festivities include  several parades on Saturday, April 30th, including the Antique Car Parade of more than 100 Vintage vehicles adorned in Daffy style and a tailgating picnic in ‘Sconset.


Saturday, is also the day of the 42nd Annual Nantucket Community Daffodil Show sponsored by the Nantucket Garden Club.  There are many other events and we will have more updates to come.  In the meantime, be sure to make your accommodations and travel plans to Nantucket by Cape Air, Hyline Cruises + The Steamship Authority. There are  more than 25 places for accommodations that will be open for Daffodil Weekend according to Nantucket Visitor Services. Here’s our Pick’s for 5 Places to Stay.

5 Places To Stay DAFFY Weekend On Nantucket 

Friday April 29th – Sunday May 1st

1. The Regatta Inn


The Regatta Inn offers a fresh take on the Bed & Breakfast experience. Comfort , sophisticated design and a mix of high-end luxury with a touch of whimsy.  


The Federal style building has a reconstructed interior and  features 8 guest rooms with an enlarged spa-like bath. Everything is bright, light and airy! Only a short 5 minute walk from the Steamship Authority Nantucket Terminal. 


This is the place to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and indulge in endless pampering. Tantalize Your taste-buds and enjoy island dreaming. The Regatta offers a delectable continental breakfast. Selections vary from day to day and will include: house-made granola, A selection of sweet savory breakfast treats, yogurt, fresh seasonal fruits, juice, Nantucket Roasted Coffee and assorted teas.  


Garden Patio with cafe’ tables and chairs.

Regatta-59 (1)

Tea Time is served in the afternoon with delicious deserts like this hazelnut cheesecake brownie bar with chocolate ganache frosting and fresh raspberry.


Brown Butter Baked Doughnuts have a wonderful nutty flavor.  More cake-like than a fried doughnut topped with a brown butter glaze and toasted pistachios.


Make the most of your visit and indulge in the luxurious coastal elegance of the Regatta Inn!  For Reservations Click Here! 


2. The Roberts Collection

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography

The Roberts Collection is a long standing notable Inn of four buildings right in the center of the downtown Historic District.  The oldest of these four buildings date back to 1846.  A highlight is the one of a kind courtyard and covered porch that makes you forget you are right in the middle of all Nantucket has to offer. 

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography

This quality boutique hotel offers diverse rooms and suites. It’s the perfect choice for couples, families and groups of any size. 


The Gate House is the Crown Jewl  of the Roberts Collection. Meticulously respectful of Nantucket’s architectural history, yet created with every possible amenity that one would expect from new construction. 

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography


Originally built  circa 1846 is designed in a style typical of the whaling era in traditional interior design.  It was one of the first family houses on Nantucket to be converted to an inn and operated for 100 years. 


The Manor House is a charming and delightful place to visit that offers 15 unique guest rooms with original wood flooring and high ceilings. Several of the rooms have working fireplaces. The lower level features an art gallery called Nantucket Artworks. 


The covered porch at the Manor House overlooks the one of a kind courtyard that features numerous perennial plantings and is a great spot to gather both day and night. 

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The Meeting House is quaint and comfortable

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Built in the late 1800’s it is now known as the Meeting House and home to a unique collection of restaurants and shops on the ground level and  guestrooms above. 


The Robert’s Collection offers a variety of accommodations for every need you may have.  For Reservations Click Here 

3. Union Street Inn 


Union Street Inn is an Intimate Boutique Nantucket Inn beautifully renovated to showcase period details against tailored, elegant interiors which Conde Nast Traveler describes as “Impeccable New England-By-way-of-France.” 

Room #7

Each of the 12 Nantucket accommodations feature designer furniture and fabrics, private bathrooms, luxurious bedding with Frette linens and Matouk duvets. Fireplaces are available in some rooms.  Boston Magazine calls this the “BEST Nantucket Boutique Hotel” 


This Inn is known for their Gourmet Breakfast.  They are the only Nantucket Bed & Breakfast that serves a full cooked-to-order breakfast. Co-owner Deborah Withrow features signature dishes and deserts. A home-cooked entree  is available every morning. You’ll find  gourmet eggs benedict with a light lemon hollandaise sauce, fresh chives and dill, fresh fruit plate and artisan breads. Guests can also help themselves to granola, cereals, yogurt, orange juice, coffee and teas. In the afternoons, you can enjoy home-baked treats such as white chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts and carrot cake. 


To Book Your Accommodations and Full Breakfast at this Favorite Nantucket Bed & Breakfast Click Here

4. Brass Lantern Nantucket


The Brass Lantern Inn Nantucket  operates out of an 1832 home in Nantucket’s old Historic District and a 5 minute walk from the Ferry Terminal.


This is the place to experience cozy Nantucket hospitality in 15 renovated guest rooms with en-suite baths and 2 renovated suites. Rooms are decorated with a fresh, up-to-date setting and a soothing decor in a style that is uniquely “Nantucket”. 


A continental breakfast tempts you with homemade granola and yogurt, fresh baked pastries, fresh fruit platter and all the trimmings.   You can also enjoy cookies and tea in the gardens. This downtown location is kid and pet friendly! 


To Book Your Accommodations at The Brass Lantern Inn Click Here 

5 . White Elephant Hotel

Nantucket Resort

Nantucket Resort

The White Elephant Hotel is a luxury waterfront  hotel with suites and cottages and beautiful views of the harbor.

White Elephant, View from Lawn

Originally built in the 1920’s this serene waterfront hotel is a 6 minute walk to Brant Point Lighthouse. The accommodations feature modern, cozy rooms with fireplaces and charming cottages.  Amenities include a fitness center, business center, spa, library room, lawn with views of the harbor, and The Brant Point Grill.


Known as one of the finest luxury hotels on Nantucket. This resort offers chic light filled rooms and suites, garden cottages and in-town lofts with balconies. Magnificent harbor views are available.

White Elephant from water

Relax and rejuvenate at the Spa with massages, facials + body treatments 


The Brant Point Grill  is the restaurant on property that offers harbor views and specializes in steaks and seafood. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served at Brant Point Grill. This is a  great place to have cocktails with views of the harbor. 

One if by Land two if by sea

To Book Your Accommodations at The White Elephant Hotel Click Here

We will Have More details on Daffodil Festival Weekend To Come and Look Forward To seeing you there!

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Michael Blanchard Inspirational Photography

The great thing about social media is it can introduce you to a few of your favorite things! That’s what happened to me several years ago when I came upon a  Michael Blanchard  photograph on Facebook I’ve been a fan ever since!

Michael lives and works in Maine and makes trips to Martha’s Vineyard almost every weekend. He wakes up before the crack of dawn and in the solitude and the solstice of early morning sunrise  and sunsets  makes photographs that have become to known as inspirational photographs. You see, many take a photograph, but Michael has a way of creating images that evoke something inside yourself. That’s why he  has over 43,000 people follow him on Facebook.

Polaroid Camera

Michael’s first camera was a Polaroid camera he received as a teenager. But it wasn’t until the age of 54 that he found his interest in photography.  He recalls the first successful long exposure shot of Lucy Vincent. He sat quietly for an hour after that and felt so connected. That’s when he knew photography would be an important part of his life. The camera became a means of being quiet and reflective. It got him out of the house and on the beaches and he found a lost spirituality.

Why Martha’s Vineyard

It was a sailboat trip to MV  that would change Michael’s life! Once there he had the immediate, explainable desire to stay.  A few years later, he married a woman who had a home on the island. That is what we like to call Serendipity!  Michael has openly discussed in an open forum his ongoing recovery from the disease of alcoholism and the pain of his subsequent divorce from his wife. The island of Martha’s Vineyard and the art of photography helped to heal him.

3 Favorite Places

Lucy Vincent Beach, Moshup Beach and Menemsha are his three favorite places on the island. Being a big Jaws fan, he can see Hooper, Quint and Chief Brody heading out to sea to get the shark every time he sees the little fishing shacks in Menemsha.

Sunrise or Sunset

Sunset is the time he loves best to photograph. The colors are different than at sunrise. He finds more interesting shots as evening approaches. But, he does admit some of his best photographs have been taken at sunrise.

Fighting For My Life

Fighting For My Life Finding Hope and Serenity on Martha’s Vineyard, is the book that has helped Michael with his demons. He found while displaying his photographs on Facebook for the world to see, people responded to his words from healing from addiction, as much as the photos themselves. The two went hand-in-hand.  With a talent to take photographs that people liked and a want and need to share the life changing events. The book served the purpose as a cathartic  ” spilling out” of what he went through as a further means of how helping to heal. The book was designed and constructed to help raise money for addiction treatment, and most importantly, to help reduce the  shame alcoholics and addicts feel about their disease.  He wanted people to see the real and torturous existence of an alcoholic so they could better understand the disease and then use this information to help others who are struggling. He wants those who are struggling to know ” there is no shame as long as you take responsibility for your recovery”.

The Calendar

In May 2016 Michael will release a brand new calendar to help raise money for the Martha’s Vineyard  New Path’s Addiction Treatment Program and to increase awareness that additional resources are needed to fight the disease of addiction. Some of his stories and poetry and words of wisdom will be included to help those who need a boost of “hope”.  Thousands of his Facebook fans helped vote to choose the photos that will be in the calendar. It will be available through his website, several other websites as well as stores all over Martha’s Vineyard. The proceeds after costs will go to the New Paths Program.


Ansel Adams inspires Michael more  for what he said “photographs are made not taken” .  Adams would work in the darkroom for hours working to get the contrast right on a print.I In Michael’s case, editing photos is his creative escape.  Adams is his hero for “allowing” him to edit and experience the joy of creating something that is “him” and beautiful from the raw material generated by the camera.

3 Things You Should Know

  1. The Camera is his means of connecting to whatever spirituality or divine energy that exists in the world. It is important in keeping him grounded and in the moment.
  2. The editing of photos is a means of creative expression he never had and allows him to channel feelings and emotions that would otherwise stay bottled up inside.
  3.  Photography is the window to the soul. He plans on using imagery  and cameras to help teenagers heal from addictions to drugs and alcohol. People can literally express themselves in the photos they choose to take.

Michael Blanchard Inspirational Photography

To view his collection or order a book or calendar visit Michael Blanchard’s website and  follow him on  Facebook

On Island, you can find his work at Kennedy Studios in Vineyard Haven and Kelly House Gallery in Edgartown. This Summer his art will be displayed at a number of Black Dog stores throughout New England.

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