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Shopping is a Must on Nantucket. We’ve been a BIG fan of  Keely Smith Designs for years.  Keely is a wash ashore from the UK living on Nantucket via London. With A background in Fashion Design from London, it’s no surprise she created a jewelry line that is based on texture. A stamping design and love of fonts is the signature of  KSD.

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To The Ocean is One of Our Favorites, but there are many others too!


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Looking forward to the weekend? #figawi #nantucket #handstamped #jewelry stop by Nalu boutique for some fun summer pieces

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Monelle  ACK at Zero Main Street is a Must Stop. You’ll always find something you LOVE. This is a fun stop for clothing and accessories that we love to spend time in. This visit, we’re talking all things ACK.   These clutch purses are perfect 41.17N.70.6W and Nantucket were two of our favorites! 

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Skar Designs is another Made on Nantucket brand we can’t get enough of. We found these lovely Nantucket necklaces at Blue Beetle This is ALWAYS  a Fun place to Shop.  You’ll find great things to wear on and off Nantucket including a great Cashmere collection. The Shop also has a fantastic collection of Jude Connally Clothing.

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Isobel & Cleo is a favorite one of my stops on ACK.  You’ll find LUXURY handmade and American made knitwear, artisanal goods and  ethical and sustainable designer clothing. Isobel & Cleo was born in Glasgow, Scotland from a fervent desire to sustain traditional  hand-knitting and hand manipulated machine knitting techniques through producing beautiful knitwear. That knitwear and studio is now based on Nantucket. The finest yarns and materials from around the world are used by knitwear designer Charlotte Hess. She creates the entire collection by hand in her quaint studio here on Nantucket and frequently uses organic and sustainable yarns. Hess is an award winning designer and has associations with Free People and other brands. 

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Kiel James Patrick Anchor BRACELETS are made in Rhode Island and available at Murray’s Toggery  Shop These Men’s  Sailor knot, leather and metal bracelets are an American classic as are the women anchor bracelets. Murray’s is the place to get your ACK reds.  This family owned and operated year round clothing store is celebrating their 70th year as the home of the original Nantucket Reds! They carry  clothing for men, women and children.  From Summer Party Pants to the softest T’s, Murray’s is a MUST STOP. There’s something for everyone including these Nantucket BlACKbook Happy Place T-shirts that are oh so soft!

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Speaking of Classics! You can’t go bACK without some island SWAG from Nantucket Boat Basin They have a selection of classic Nantucket T-shirts that are soft and you’ll want to wear proud. You’ll find a nice selection of Nantucket Hoodies, Jackets, t-shirts and other items  for Men & Women.  During Christmas Stroll this is the place to get your ACK Stroll Scarves

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Don’t Forget Something to Sip! Nativ Made is the place for FRESH cold pressed juices! They also have innovative salads and pasties. All are made with locally sourced and responsibly raised and grown ingredients. 

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