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KJP Classic Atlantic Whalers Braclet

KJP Classic Atlantic Whalers Bracelet

Bracelets + Instagram + New England


This is the story of humble beginnings. How a boy in high school in Rhode Island started making bracelets for kids to wear under their prep school uniforms.  The Kiel James Patrick brand began as many stories do…at home. It was in his parents garage that Kiel started making and selling rope bracelets to local vendors. His partner in creating these bracelets was Sarah Vickers. The two have been a couple since their teens. Kiel taught himself to sew on his grandmother’s sewing machine and handmade the first several thousand bracelets. They dyed the rope by boiling it in lobster pots at his parents house. Kiel discovered he had a knack for design and his hand-made bracelets and belts became popular. 

The Inspiration for the Kiel James Patrick brand was brought on by years spent exploring vintage clothing stores, antique shops and friend’s attics in search of the age-old quality, style and construction once easily found in American made goods. Kiel always loved vintage, classic American clothing.  The KJP brand was created in 2008 and is made in America.


Ah, But this is a love story too! A Classic New England Love Story! Sarah Vickers, Kiels partner in bracelets and all things KJP is a go-to source, who writes her own fashion blog Classy Girls Wear Pearls  You see, before the KJP brand existed there was Wicked Vintage an online vintage clothing shop. Together, Sarah and Kiel haunted New England thrift stores to supply their vintage online clothing shop. The couple found the clothes would sell faster when they photographed themselves wearing them. 

Social Media

A Picture Says A Thousand Words


This is where things really get interesting! Growing a brand and a business today is different than it ever used to be.

Social Media is the Wild Wild West of Our Time.

So how does one sell more product? How do you sell more nautical bracelets, more pearl jewelry, more boat shoes, belts and men’s and women’s apparel? 

The Answer is to promote the KJP Lifestyle as a brand! 

This is what Kiel understands!  Perhaps that’s why his brand has 486 Thousand Followers on Instagram! That’s right, the secret to growing your brand is good self promotion + photography, and Kiel and his wife Sarah Vickers know this. The two are known for working, living and enjoying life in New England and showing the simple pleasures of New England life.

You make me happy when skies are gray 😊

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Keen Business Sense Will Get You Far

Here’s the thing about doing something well! You receive more opportunities to do more things well! Stacie Browning Hall, owner of Pink Pineapple a Newport, Rhode Island based clothing store and the first  to carry the KJP line praises Patrick’s ability to drive sales through social media. Brands like Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, L & L Bean, Pottery Barn and Starbucks all want to work with this duo.

Real Estate companies are interested in partnering with Patrick in hopes that their mansions and properties might be featured in his Instagram feed. He has an exclusive partnership with  luxury realtor Lila Delman Real Estate to showcase the company’s properties.

The Bracelets


But, let’s not forget this is the story of a boy who dreamed the American Dream. A dream to make classic American products and is inspired by the classic look of the Kennedy’s, boating + sailing and who in the end got the girl of his dreams!

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Victory Cup Polo, Patterson, NY. Photo By Melissa Tyler

Kiel James Patrick (standing center of photo) + Friends at Victory Cup Polo, Patterson, NY. Photo By Melissa Tyler