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Sandra Higgins is an artist. She is also a long time  breast cancer survivor. She started making pink and white bracelets and donated the net proceeds to research. That was when she realized, how many people wanted to support breast cancer and didn’t always want to wear pink. So, she started a line she calls Breast Cancer Bracelet Batches in beautiful earth tones. Some  of the bracelets still have shades of pink within them. “You don’t have to be pink to think” is her motto for the line. Of course, there is a classic pink for those who like the tradition.


Sand + Surf Destination Collection

Her unique style and love for nature, especially the beach is reflected in much of her work including The Sand & Surf Collection.  

Sand + Surf  is a Destination Jewelry line which contains a bit of sand from their extensive collection. It can also be customized by sending a small amount of sand from your favorite beaches! This is the way to keep your memories close to your heart. Each unique piece is handcrafted with care to capture your special day or memory. It’s a way of bringing  you back to special memories and a perfect keepsake from your wedding, vacation or simply your favorite place on earth.

 Sand + Surf is perfect for brides, destination weddings, a special day or even memories from your honeymoon. People send her sand from all over the world. She just completed a custom order for somebody who spent their vacation in Maui!


We talked with Sandra about her craft and her passion. She has strong connections and memories from the beach. “All of my best childhood memories are from the beach. I wanted to capture that and keep it close to me, so that is how I came up with the Destination Jewelry line. I love the organic feel of the sand…it really takes me back.  By adding Swarovski crystals in them it really makes them pop – like the sun bouncing off the ocean.  I love the combination of the organic sand and the crystal together.”



Sandra’s inspiration comes from nature and the beach. Combining natural stones like lava, different types of wood and shells with crystals and pearls. She loves the combination of earth + bling!

Bracelets + Bracelets + Bracelets 

Bracelets in all styles and colors are her next best seller besides the Sand + Surf Collection. Bracelets for causes or just to have some new bling.  What’s better than buying yourself a NEW bauble and also being able to feel it went to a good cause.  Customers come from all over and we recently have been placing our Destination Jewelry line in many shops from Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Maine. We are hoping to include Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket as well. The line is also available as far away as St. Kitts in the Caribbean.


Man Style

A Men’s line of bracelets is also included. Her husband who never thought he’d wear a piece of jewelry now realizes how much he likes it! He loves the leather bracelets and we even have a piece for men in the Destination Jewelry line. It’s on a black rubber cord and it’s done with a darker colored base without the crystals. We’ve done some special orders with those where we have added a black crystal for a special request.


While  doing a show in Sudbury last year, she met a woman who connected  Sandra with a friend who runs the most popular gifting suites for celebrities in Los Angeles. She went onto meet many celebrities from TV and movies such as Angela Bassett. She also met Lan Shi, a very big actress from China. Sandra showed her the Destination Jewelry line. Lan was very excited she ordered a  piece that contains sand from her favorite spot so she could wear close to her heart.  “it’s great not only to meet the celebrities, but to actually know they are wearing my jewelry is such a thrill!” Pieces from her Wired Collection have been worn on the red carpet at the Golden Globes!

Ali Levine who is a celebrity stylist in LA works with Sandra and many of her pieces have appeared in photo shoots and on magazine covers.



Today,  as in years past, Sandra has much gratitude and continues to raise money for breast cancer awareness and many other causes and donates  as much she can.  She loves doing her part to give back. She raises a lot of money for causes as well as others and is very involved in fundraising. She is currently raising funds for an independent documentary being made about an unsolved murder from Kennebunk Maine in 1978. The story is very personal to her and 100 percent of proceeds goes to making this film.

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Photos Courtesy of Serani M Designs