cape cod rug company

How Shoe Laces Inspired Cape Cod Braided Rug Company

Cape Cod Braided Rug Company

In 1910, Romeo Paulus was employed by a shoelace manufacturing company in Plainville, Massachusetts. He realized the same braiding process used in the production of shoelaces, could be applied to braided rug production.

Romeo modified the machinery used in shoelace production, producing the first machine-made braided rugs in the United States and started the Plainville Rug Company.

cape cod rug company

Over the years, the company grew producing many different lines of braided rugs with distribution through the United States. The Paulus family moved to Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Braided Rug Company was founded in the early 1970’s. Over the years the company has grown, but the family tradition of handcrafted excellence, quality and the process used to produce braided rugs has not changed dramatically since that first braided rug produced by Romeo Paulus in 1910.

Today, tours are available at their Harwich manufacturing facility. These rugs are made of 100 percent wool…a natural “green” fiber and are unique one of a kind rugs available in custom colors and sizes up to 16 feet.