Russ Irwin

Russ Irwin: Get Me Home

So, I Guess You’re Wondering How This Blog Post Relates to New England?

Russ Irwin

 Not only is Russ Irwin one of our favorite musicians and songwriters! He released a  CD last year called “Russ Irwin: Get Me Home” that featured several great songs including “Manhattan” which was featured on RHONY Real Housewives of New York. This is a great bluesy piano tune ala Billy Joel style. Russ had heard about the old-time pianos that were at a friends studio in Hudson, NY and wound up recording the tracks there for the sound he longed for!  THANK GOD HE DID!!!

Oh, but you’re looking for the New England connection, right? Well, Russ Irwin has been playing keyboards for 15 years for a little old band you might have heard called AEROSMITH! And by the way, he penned the hit “WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN LOVE” off the current AERO CD “MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION“. The song that reached #7 on Japan Billboards was co written with the Demon of Screamin’ himself;  Steven Tyler and producer Marti Fredricksen.  NOT BAD, EH!!!

Well it gets better! Steven Tyler guests on two songs on Russ’s current CD on a brilliant, brilliant song we LOVE called “I MISS BEING LONELY” and “CRAZY TOO“. And Brad Whitford,  Aerosmith’s other brilliant guitarist is featured in the song and video “Get Me Home“.

Not bad from a kid from Long Island who studied Music  Business and Classical piano for two years at New York University and then attended the New School to study Jazz Piano for a year with Kenny Werner.

 We highly recommend you listen to the CD there’s something there for everyone including the ballad “So Close to Heaven” and “Find the Light“.

BACK TO THE MUSIC….Russ has also toured with Brian Adams and Sting! Have you ordered his solo record online yet???? What is STOPPING YOU!!!! Oh yea, and for extra good measure, he has written songs for Foreigner, Meatloaf and The Scorpion’s. In 2006, he produced Clay Aiken’s,I Want To Know What Love Is” on the hit record “A Thousand Different Ways“.  Did we mention the Chris Botti connection? Are you kidding me..get your credit card out and buy the CD or RUSH Real Fast to ITUNES! Yes, Chris Botti appears on the record as well!

You can see Russ Irwin performing LIVE with AEROSMITH at the BOSTON STRONG Concert at The TD Garden in Mansfield, MA on Thursday, May, 30th.