Mill Stone Pottery

Mill Stone Pottery: I LOVE This Pottery

I LOVE This Pottery

Mill Stone Pottery

About 24 years ago I bought 4 dishes from  Gail at Mill Stone Pottery


Back then her studio was in an old mill!  I still have those dishes and not only have they served many a meal; but they have served as an inspiration in creativity and dreaming about my own goals in life.

There’s something in the design, colors and glazing in Mill Stone Pottery’s work that speaks to me more so than any other pottery out there! Sure there are many potters and we sometimes can find a piece we like here or there, but I find I consistently like the pieces colors and design from Mill Stone Pottery! There’s something serene and comforting and healing in them – kind of like taking a morning walk on the beach.

Maybe, its Gail’s education in interior design and art history, or her talent for teaching. But I am sure if you visit her studio in Dennis or her website by clicking the above link we are sure you will find something you like as well! Keep up the good work Gail!


Photos By Melissa Tyler