Mill Stone Pottery

Mill Stone Pottery: I LOVE This Pottery

I LOVE This Pottery

Mill Stone Pottery

About 24 years ago I bought 4 dishes from  Gail at Mill Stone Pottery


Back then her studio was in an old mill!  I still have those dishes and not only have they served many a meal; but they have served as an inspiration in creativity and dreaming about my own goals in life.

There’s something in the design, colors and glazing in Mill Stone Pottery’s work that speaks to me more so than any other pottery out there! Sure there are many potters and we sometimes can find a piece we like here or there, but I find I consistently like the pieces colors and design from Mill Stone Pottery! There’s something serene and comforting and healing in them – kind of like taking a morning walk on the beach.

Maybe, its Gail’s education in interior design and art history, or her talent for teaching. But I am sure if you visit her studio in Dennis or her website by clicking the above link we are sure you will find something you like as well! Keep up the good work Gail!


Photos By Melissa Tyler








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Chatham Bars Inn

Chatham Bars Inn

Chatham Bars Inn

Last week we experienced our second visit to Chatham Bars Inn  We loved it soo much in April that we had to return again!  Chatham Bars Inn has been known as New England’s Finest Ocean Front Luxury Resort and Spa.  It is noted for excellent service, fine cuisine and beautiful surroundings since 1914…and we could not agree more! In matter of fact, we have never traveled anywhere that we were greeted and served so well, experienced fresh great food and in a great atmosphere.

Chatham Bars Inn is known for its ambiance, luxury and an unforgettable experience. The  rooms are impeccable designed and everything from the lobby to the restaurant, bar, lounge, veranda and spa have true unforgettable ambiance and luxury.

Chatham Bars Inn

We had several delicious full breakfast buffets during our stay as well as great lobster rolls in the bar and amazing Lobster Nachos from the oceanfront Beach House Grill.

Chatham Bars Inn

We also experienced their amazing Spa and we absolutely loved this experience as well. Once again the decor of the spa is as amazing as their service. Massages here are a must! Plus since we stayed in the main building we were thrilled with the service they provide to drive you ala Range Rover style to and from the Spa building.

Chatham Bars Inn

We suggest if you have not been to Chatham Bars Inn, that you put this on your Things you MUST DO list. Whether it’s off-season or in season.  You can also experience their dining and spa services if you are not a guest of the resort but it’s always best to call first.

We have never gone anywhere that the service, the atmosphere and the food are soo good!

Thank you Chatham Bars Inn for doing what you do so well!  I can’t wait for my next visit!


Photos By Melissa Tyler

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International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum

  Newport Casino

Newport Rhode Island

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is an organization that honors the greatest players and contributors of the game. It features a museum, grass tennis courts, an indoor tennis facility and court tennis.  It is one of the largest and finest tennis museums in the world. It was first opened in July 26, 1880.

It was designated a National Historic Landmark on February 27th, 1987.

                                                            Located at the Newport Casino and commissioned in 1880 by James Gordon Bennett, Jr. exclusively for the rich and wealthy.  James Gordon Bennett, Jr. was the most influential publisher of America’s leading newspaper,  The New York Herald which was founded by his father James Gordon Bennett, Sr. who migrated from Scotland.

As the story goes… In August 1879, James Gordon Bennett and Captain Henry Augustus Candy a retired officer of the Queen’s 9th Royal Lancers and skillful British Polo player, were the two key figures in the origins of the Newport Casino. Bennett, as a summer resident, was a member of the Newport Reading Room, a gentlemen-only club, which was a gathering place for prominent Newporter’s. As Bennett’s guest, Captain Candy also enjoyed the benefits of Reading Room membership. Late one summer day, the two men were up for some amusing entertainment and Bennett presumably bet or dared Captain Candy to ride his polo horse up onto the front porch of the Reading Room. Candy, without hesitation, mounted his horse and rode onto the porch…and then proceeded into the club! Although Candy won the afternoon wager, club members expressed their displeasure at the insulting disruption. The Governors of the Reading Room were also not amused and revoked the guest privileges of Captain Candy. Bennett was not one to be chastised and tempers flared, all resulting in the end of Bennett’s Reading Room membership….Bennett’s loss was our gain, as Bennett turned his attention to building an establishment, a “new club house” to serve summer visitors that would be both public and private.


With Construction underway, the Newport Casino complex was built in only six months. On July 26th, a soft opening was held with guest admittance by invitation only.  One week later, on August 2nd, the public was invited to inspect the premises and more than 3,000 attended. The Newport Casino offered a block of shops on Bellevue Avenue, a restaurant and gentlemen’s lodging. Archery, billiards, concerts, dancing, dining, horse shows, lawn bowling, reading, tea parties and theatricals, along with the staples of its present day offerings of lawn tennis, croquet, and court tennis, were all part of the social scene. Writing three days after the opening, the Newport News boasted, “It is doubtful if a more lively place can be found.”  It is important to note that in early 19th century the term ‘casino’ was never a public gambling establishment but a small villa built for pleasure to include building where social activities took place.

By the 1950’s the retreat was struggling financially and in danger of being demolished for retail space.  TENNIS SAVED IT! The United States Lawn Tennis Association held there 1st Championship their in 1881 and was held there through 1914.  This latter became known as the U.S. Open!

The first half of the 20th century was unkind to Newport Casino…as the Gilded Age grew to a close and the onset of the Great Depression, Newport fell by the wayside as a summer resort for the wealthy and powerful. The casino struggled financially as a social club right from the start and like many of the mansions there was the very real possibility that it would be demolished for retail space.

In 1954, with the great tennis history behind him James Henry Van Alen stepped in and
established Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum in the casino. The combination of prominent headliners at the tennis matches and the museum allowed the building to be saved.  Today it still stands as  finest example of Victorian Shingle Style Architecture in the world. In 1957, Van Alen was elected the museum’s 1st President.

Today the museum encompasses more than 20,000 square feet of interactive exhibits, momentous videos and popular memorabilia of tennis champions past and present.

The museum permanent collection contains more than 16,000 items.  The library and Information Center has upwards of 5,000 books, more than 4,000 tapes and films and more than 300,000 photos and images and an abundant collection of magazines, programs, periodicals, posters and more.

Earlier this month they featured the  Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championship and on July 9th Andre Agassi was inducted into their Hall of Fame.





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Lake Sunapee Cruises: I LOVE IT HERE!

Lake Sunapee

New Hampshire

Sunapee Cruises

OK…This is NO Secret!! “I LOVE IT HERE” One of my favorite places is Lake Sunapee.

One of my favorite things to do at the lake is take the narrative boat tour on the MV MT Sunapee II and the dinner cruise on the MV Kearsarge with Sunapee Cruises.  This lake and these boat rides feature one of the most picturesque and best done narrative boat rides I have ever been on.  And yes, every year I have to experience this at least once…several times if I am lucky.

Sunapee Cruises


Captain Kip Brown does a wonderful job with the narration and he and the Fenton’s that own Sunapee Cruises should be very proud of their scenic tours.  We highly recommend you take a day trip or a long weekend and enjoy what Lake Sunapee area has to offer. Please see our other posts on Lake Sunapee and the history of Steamships on Lake Sunapee!

sunapee cruises


Thank you Kip for letting me take a photo of you with the New Hampshire “I LOVE IT HERE” sign.

For more information on daily departures see Sunapee Cruises

Other great things to do at the harbor are enjoy the view and the shops and restaurants at the harbor.

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Nubble Lighthouse Cruise

Just the other day we experienced the Nubble Lighthouse Cruise something we have long been wanting to do.  It was a great!  The Nubble Lighthouse Cruise are one of the many cruises offered by Finestkind Cruises in Perkins Cove Maine.

Finestkind Cruise Perkins Cove Maine

There is something about Perkins Cove that attracts so many visitors and if you are there early morning, in the afternoon or late in the evening the light and images that you can capture at Perkins Cove are amazing.  We enjoyed the Nubble Lighthouse Cruise which is a 90 minute round-trip narrative cruise. The boat leaves at 10am, noon, 2pm and 4pm daily while in season.  Other Cruises
available are daily Scenic Breakfast Cruises in season, Lobster Trips and a cocktail cruise.

Nubble Lighthouse

The Nubble Lighthouse Cruise is Finestkind’s longest cruise, a fourteen mile round trip which offers unsurpassed views of York’s elegant homes and rocky coast. Enjoy your favorite beverage aboard the Finestkind III as you cruise leisurely to the lighthouse, and don’t forget your camera – as you circle the seldom seen back of the Nubble Lighthouse you will have breathtaking photo opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to see these beautiful views by boat!

Finestkind Cruise PEekins Cove Maine

You can view the Marginal Way from Perkins Cove

Photos By Melissa Tyler


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