A New England RV Road Trip Itinerary

Our Guest Blogger is Joe Laing,  Marketing director for El Monte RV. El Monte RV provides nationwide rentals including rentals in the Boston area.  For more great RV vacation ideas see the blog at  Musings RV Travel

A winter storm may be blowing in your area, but it’s never too early to start planning your first warm weather RV journey. What better way to celebrate the beginning of camping season than with a New England RV road trip? With fascinating coastal regions and an abundance of historic treasures along the way, a New England RV itinerary is limited only by the time you have to travel.

One way to learn what the New England states have to offer RVers is to focus regionally. You could, for instance, plan a trip to coastal Massachusetts that includes historic sites and outdoor recreation. Start your trip at Winter Island Marine Recreational Park in Salem, MA.  The park welcomes RV travelers to stay awhile with an on-site, waterfront RV campground and plenty of places to explore nearby.

Campers will want to photograph Fort Pickering lighthouse, built in 1871, as well as touring the island’s trails for impressive views of Salem Harbor. It’s also a quick jaunt on the trolley into Salem to visit historic neighborhoods and other attractions in the “Witch City.”

While camping by RV in Salem, MA, you’re also just an hour north of Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. This delightful collection of history-studded islands in the harbor deserves at least a day of discovery. Take the ferry from Long Wharf-North in Boston to begin your tour of the islands, or book a guided tour of the Boston Harbor Islands to visit the three historic lighthouses in the harbor.

A favorite activity with RV travelers to the islands is a trip to picturesque Fort Warren on Georges Island. But don’t stop there. While discovering the important role Boston Harbor Island fortifications played during the Civil War, slow down and enjoy the wild beauty of the islands themselves. Whether you’re planning to walk the shell beaches of Bumpkin Island, go sea kayaking around Grape Island or photograph birds among the salt marsh trails at Worlds End, traveling between them is made simple by using the ferry system.

Another idea for a New England RV road trip itinerary is to travel to Portland, Maine and the islands of Casco Bay. Skirt the New Hampshire coast north of Boston on I-95 to Portland; it’s less than two hours’ drive, but slow down the pace and savor the seafood, quaint neighborhoods and the sights along the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth, NH before moving on.

Once you’ve arrived in Portland, ME, you’ll see evidence of its rich maritime history everywhere. Make your way to Portland’s waterfront for magnificent views of the Casco Bay islands from the Eastern Prom Pathway. Also take time to visit the city’s Old Port, a lively entertainment district in a charming Victorian setting.

While on the Eastern Prom, book a boat tour at Casco Bay Lines Ferry. You’ll soon discover why RV travelers treasure the unique secrets of Peaks Island, Little Diamond Island and other special spots in Casco Bay. The pleasant island communities, historical attractions like the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum and Fort McKinley and the trails and beaches waiting to be enjoyed will lure you back for more than one visit.

One more tip for getting the most out of your Portland, ME RV camping excursion — take a tour through Portland’s vintage neighborhoods and treasured attractions like the Portland Observatory Museum with the help of  Portland Landmarks

These are just two ideas for New England RV road trip itineraries. Coastal New England’s extraordinary beauty combined with the history and drama played out in these Eastern states make them a natural destination for many enjoyable RV camping excursions.

Our Guest Blogger is Joe Laing,  Marketing director for El Monte RV. El Monte RV provides nationwide rentals including rentals in the Boston area.  For more great RV vacation ideas see the blog at  Musings RV Travel

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