I LOVE Movie Set Places

I LOVE movie set places and in New England there are many!

Straight Warf - Nantucket

Straight Wharf

What I really love are waterfront and coastal towns that have a vibe to them. Yes, sometimes they are very busy, especially in-season.  I like to visit them off-season, early in the morning or at sunset….You know the magical times! Which is not to say the magic isn’t there when things are bustling. Here’s a look at three of my favorite places that evoke that magical feeling.

Perkins Cove

I’ve been going to Perkins Cove for over 25 years. Guess what, every time I go it’s just as magical as the first time I was there! I love the small paths with shops and restaurants. I still remember going into the Pottery Shop at Perkins Cove for the first time and being in awe of their hand crafted goods. I love finding true New England finds in all the shops here. Restaurants like Barnacle Billy’s and MC Perkins are casual and relaxing and serve good food.

I’ve taken Finest Scenic Cruises to Nubble lighthouse and I’ve walked the Marginal Way in all seasons.   Beyond the shops, restaurants and bustle, it’s the moments you experience! The moments when the sun is rising and there is barely anyone there as you take photos. Or the windy winter days where snow is hitting you sideways. Or it’s the smell of salt water while you are enjoying an ice cream or coffee. That ‘s the movie set life of scenic places I love. I can’t wait to breathe it all in again on my next visit to Perkins Cove.

Sunapee Harbor

Sunapee Harbor is a movie set! Well at least it looks like one! This has been a popular destination for summer vacations since the days of the steamship, when people use to come from Boston and New York City. The Grand Hotels are long gone but beautiful custom homes dot Lake Sunapee.

It’s a great place to visit in Summer when the few shops in the harbor are open. Lunch or dinner at the Anchorage is a must as is ice cream from the Quick Shack. A highlight here is Sunapee Cruises narrative scenic and dinner cruises.  The views on their sunset cruises are great and the air is so clean. Being in the center of Lake Sunapee is one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been. 


Cru Nantucket

View from Cru Nantucket. Every seat in the house has a great view!

I have a funny story about Nantucket. I was there twice over 30 years ago…pretty much just around Straight Wharf and town for the day. So that was my early Nantucket experience, no beach and the shops are not what they are today! Then for many years, when I would hear or read about Nantucket in tourism pieces I read there was barely any electricity on the island and you needed a bike to get around the island.

Two years ago I lived on Cape Cod for a year. I went to Nantucket several times because it is one of the most coolest places I have ever been! I have met a circle of people  who are the most creative individuals I have ever met! Enter Serendipity Again! I have learned more from these people and about about myself in the last two years than I could have ever imagined!

My admiration for these designers, shop owners, entrepreneurs and creative people that promote the island runs deep.  Honestly, almost daily, when I am not there…I am thinking about it…wishing I was there. In my opinion, there are more creative trend-setting things happening on Nantucket than in New York City!

 There is a coastal vibe from people who live and work here year round who literally travel all over the world for their work.  Nantucket is pure eye candy! From the shops on the wharf which catch the most amazing light. Each shop is creative in its own way and the staff are always so hospitable,  smiling, helpful and so upbeat!

From Sankaty Lighthouse to Brant Point the ACK feeling is amazing! Sconset can only be described as breathtaking + delicious. View some of the best sunrises and walks on the beach and sunsets at Galley Beach are speechless.

The food and presentation at ACK restaurants like Cru, Straight Wharf and Town Restaurant are among the world’s best! Plus, there are many other restaurants that are open during the season that are equally as good. If the best in shopping and dining weren’t enough…Nantucket has some of the world’s best beaches.  You can see the sunrise and sunset like nowhere else! Everywhere you turn, there is magic on this island! 

There is peace! There is  a quiet that I have only experienced while living on Cape Cod. Clearly, there is a creative vibe among the people who live, work and play here that is second to none! No wonder people call Nantucket their “Happy Place”! It will be good to be bACK!

All Photos by Melissa Tyler


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Nubble Lighthouse Cruise

Just the other day we experienced the Nubble Lighthouse Cruise something we have long been wanting to do.  It was a great!  The Nubble Lighthouse Cruise are one of the many cruises offered by Finestkind Cruises in Perkins Cove Maine.

Finestkind Cruise Perkins Cove Maine


There is something about Perkins Cove that attracts so many visitors and if you are there early morning, in the afternoon or late in the evening the light and images that you can capture at Perkins Cove are amazing.  We enjoyed the Nubble Lighthouse Cruise which is a 90 minute round-trip narrative cruise. The boat leaves at 10am, noon, 2pm and 4pm daily while in season.  Other Cruises
available are daily Scenic Breakfast Cruises in season, Lobster Trips and a cocktail cruise.

Nubble Lighthouse

The Nubble Lighthouse Cruise is Finestkind’s longest cruise, a fourteen mile round trip which offers unsurpassed views of York’s elegant homes and rocky coast. Enjoy your favorite beverage aboard the Finestkind III as you cruise leisurely to the lighthouse, and don’t forget your camera – as you circle the seldom seen back of the Nubble Lighthouse you will have breathtaking photo opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to see these beautiful views by boat!

Finestkind Cruise PEekins Cove Maine

You can view the Marginal Way from Perkins Cove

Photos By Melissa Tyler

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History of Perkins Cove

Then & Now


Ogunquit meant “Coastal Lagoon” to native Abenaki Indians and was first a village within Wells, Maine settled in 1641. The first sawmill was established in 1686 and shipbuilding developed along the Ogunquit River.  Besides constructing schooners and brigs, local shipwrights built the famous “Ogunquit Dory”.

First called “Fish Cove”, fishing was a major livelihood but the cove was unprotected by breakwater from the Atlantic storms. Fisherman had to protect their boats by hauling them ashore each night and the Fish Cove Harbor Association was created. They dug a channel across the land they purchased to connect Fish Cove with Josias River.  When the trench was complete….IN ROARED THE OCEAN. It’s erosion helped further widen the passage. The resulting tidewater basin would be called “Perkins Cove” across which spans a manually operated  draw footbridge and one of the most photographed in Maine!

The Beach…The People…The Arts

 A  3 mile beach of pale sand and dunes form a barrier peninsula and connected to the mainland in 1888 by bridge across the Ogunquit River. The weather-beaten village was discovered by artists and became a popular art colony and tourist area. In 1898 when the Ogunquit Art Colony was established it was not unusual to see artists and fisherman selling their trades at Perkins Cove.  To accommodate Summer crowds several seaside hotels and inns were built.

Marginal Way


The area is also known for it’s historical trail known as Marginal Way.  A one and a half mile paved trail along the coastline from Perkins Cove to Ogunquit Beach. There are benches along the way to linger and enjoy the view. It’s an easy walk and very photographic as well. If you are painter or photographer you will definitely want to pack your easel and paint brushes or camera and enjoy! 2-hour  Walking Tours are also available to learn more about the 350 year history of Ogunquit.

Josiah Chase Jr., a conservationist and former state legislator retired to York, Maine and
bought a 20 acre strip of land from Perkins Cove to Israel Head. He donated a 1 mile strip to the town of Ogunquit in 1925. Years latter other Ogunquit landowners who also showed their love of Ogunquit donated the other 1/4 mile.


Stroll the 1 1/4 mile paved path with park benches, fragrant flowers in season, ocean breezes and photographic views. The Marginal Way Preservation Fund is a committee that protects and preserves the Marginal Way for future generations. To learn more or to donate to the cause please click on the link above.


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Perkins Cove, Maine

 Picture Perfect Postcard

The New England coastline is full of nooks and crannies everywhere! In Maine you can find them all over the coast. One of our favorites is Perkins Cove.  Perkins Cove is beautiful to visit any season as it is on the coast, but it is May through October that the sun shines brightest and it is the most busiest and a favorite destination for many.

Perkins Cove is a small but popular artist colony and tourist area with shops, restaurants, lodging facilities and breathtaking views of the ocean. It is also known for it’s historical trail known as the Marginal Way.  Once known as a fishing village, Perkins Cove is now an outdoor mall of shops and boutiques.

Perkins Cove has been a favorite place for artists, painters and tourists for generations. It’s great to spend a day and or evening strolling the shops, the Marginal Way and having fresh seafood at area restaurants.  It’s even better to spend a few days or a week exploring the entire area including Ogunquit and nearby towns like Wells and other nearby coastal towns.

 You’ll find unique New England themed shops like The Pottery Shop at Perkins Cove which is now open weekends and will open daily in mid April. This shop features pottery, art, gifts, jewelry and more.  Mountain Top Tee’s has 2 floors of souvenirs, t-shirts, clothing and jewelry.  Seaglass Jewelry Shop and Perkins Cove Candies are some other area favorites to stroll through for great area finds.

You’ll find fresh seafood at Barnacle Billy’s  opening for their 50th season, Friday, April 8th.  This restaurant is actually two restaurants side by side known for their luxury lobster, steamed clams, large lusty drinks, barbecued chicken, homemade clam chowder, lobster rolls and more. Barnacle Billy’s has an extensive indoor dining area as well as a sundeck with all the beauty of the harbor and ocean views. Another area favorite is MC Perkins voted “Top Ten Places in the World with a View” by USA Today in Summer 2007.

Finest Scenic Cruises offers several scenic sightseeing cruises in the area. They are open
for the season May 1st through Mid October. There’s a late afternoon cocktail cruise, an evening cruise, a daily breakfast cruise and a lobster cruise where you can experience watching Maine lobster-men trap and haul fresh lobsters! This is a great experience and family fun for the whole family. There is also a cruise of nearby Nubble Lighthouse which is their longest cruise; a 14 mile round trip of unsurpassed views of York’s elegant homes on the rocky coast.

Riverside Motel is the only lodging facility actually located on the cove linked via the footbridge.  There are many other inns, motels and B&B’s in Ogunquit.  Parking is limited especially in the busy season and several trolley’s also operate through Ogunquit Trolley which operates late June through mid October. Plus it’s a fun way to see other sites nearby. For more information on the area visit The Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce.

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