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Photo Recap: Sip Shop + Celebrate Summer

No one Throws A Party Like The Nantucket blACKbook

Holly Finigan The Nantucket blACKbook

Here’s a Photo recap of Sip Shop and Celebrate Summer at Pumpkin Pond Farm that took place on August 6, 2014

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Paven Sangria

The Pavan Sangria was flowing, the vendors were 02554 Nantucket

 Holly Finigan and Dan Driscoll

We even met Nantucket’s incredible photographer and videographer Dan Driscoll.  Over 12 vendors participated in an evening of libations, fashion and fun! If you missed this event at Pumpkin Pond Farm in Nantucket.

IMG_5803 (800x533)

The Nantucket blACKbook  has a full calendar of events on Nantucket.  Did you catch the pre-party at the Boston Pops or the MICHAEL KORS fashion show on Nantucket last night.  If your not on Nantucket yet this Summer you still have time!

Sip Shop and Celebrate Summer with The Nantucket blACKbook


IMG_5835 (533x800)

                                                                                                                        Photos By Melissa Tyler

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No One Puts The ACK in NANTUCKET Like

The Nantucket blACKbook 

The Nantucket BlACKbook Nine Years ago, Holly Finigan stepped foot on Nantucket….And Things Will NEVER be the same for Nantucket!  Yes, Holly worked as a bartender, a  freelance writer, created her popular blog and in May 2012 launched the website that has become The GO-TO Source for ALL Things Hip + Fresh + Haute + Cool on the 02554!

The Nantucket blACKbook is THE Online Guide Connecting those on and off the island with all things hip and fresh. It is the brainchild of Holly Finigan.

We recently spoke with Holly, discussing her website and life on Nantucket. Holly and her creative team under her direction, bring a FRESH ACK look to promote all things Nantucket from fashion, style, restaurants, events, shops and  festivals!

Holly Finigan

“What They Are Wearing” What They Are Buying” “What To Wear To A Music Festival or a Wedding”  That’s just the tip of what Holly Finigan wants you to know what The Nantucket BlACKbook is about! She works with the leaders in the industry on Nantucket which are part of her own team creating the Fresh look That is Nantucket!

Festivals…Festivals..Festivals…Nantucket Has THEM!

The Nantucket BlACKbook showed The World,  Nantucket’s Red, White and Blue this past JULY 4TH!  This weekend they will be at the island’s Yoga Festival, Then there was was the Wine Festival, The Book Festival, The Film Festival and coming July 16th The Comedy Festival, The Dance Festival (July 21 – 26), The Garden Festival (July 23-24)  and of course The Nantucket Music Festival  (August 2-3) with Bruce Hornsby and many others. Nantucket BlACKbook will be there for all of it as well as promoting the events in advance only in the way they can!

Holly’s features have appeared in Nantucket Magazine, she also freelances for editorial pieces from Boston to NYC and received notary in the August 2013 VANITYFAIR  Society Coast to Toast article about Erosion. Holly is also on the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce Board.

TimelineNantucket Stroll  December 2013 – The Nantucket BlACKbook photo spread taken to promote the month long celebration that attracts visitors from around the world.

GLAM Squad Collaboration



Nantucket BlACKbook

 The Nantucket BlACKbook

 All Photos Charlotte Carey Photography

Timeline…April 2013  Nantucket Daffodil Festival photo spread about the flower festival over a weekend in early Spring each year.

 GLAM SQUAD Collaboration



Keep up the good work Holly! You are an inspiration to Nantucket and the rest of the world! Be Sure to view the blog from the link above and follow her on Facebook and Twitter  

The Nantucket BlACKbook

Written By Melissa Tyler 


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isobel & cleo

Isobel and Cleo on Nantucket

We found the coolest shop  and it’s on Nantucket!

ISobel & Cleo

Isobel and Cleo takes residence in one of the many upscale shops that dot the harbor in Nantucket when you get off the boat.  No visit to Nantucket would not be complete without an enjoyable walk at Straight Warf and old South Warf to visit these colorful ocean shops. The Shop on Nantucket also includes other artists made goods from Nantucket.

Isobel and Cleo design and create the most unique and luxurious knitwear right from their shop and studio on Nantucket. From sweaters to pants, scarfs and other unique items it’s a MUST STOP on your trip to Nantucket. They are at the shop right where you get off the boat in Nantucket from June through mid October and back to their studio at 2 Union Street the rest of the year.

isobel & Cleo

Owner, Charlotte Hess picked up knitting needles at the age of 8. In School she studied a semester abroad in Scotland. Upon her return to the USA she transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received a BFA in Fine Arts and Fashion. She Interned with Karen Walker and Nom#d in New Zealand and received her Masters Degree from Glasgow School of Art.

Isobel & Cleo

Her ESTY Shop led to her starting her own brand, numerous blogs that were written about  her fashions led to a grant awarded by the Scottish Arts Council.  She was eventually headhunted by the URBN Corporation, parent company to URBAN OUTFITTERS and ANTHROPOLOGIE to design sweaters for their FREE PEOPLE brand.

IMG_3703 (640x427)

IMG_3701 (640x427)

In March 2011, Charlotte won the Emerging Designers Competition at Charleston Fashion Week. She spends her time in her workroom on Nantucket and the UK. Every piece is designed and handmade on Nantucket Island. When away, Charlotte scours the globe looking for the best materials for her collection and chooses to work with companies that have fair workers rights practices and/or produce sustainable yarns. The brand is sold online and in stores in New Zealand, Scotland, Vermont, and California, Custom Knit garments are also created for private clients. Charlotte’s work has been featured in Lucky Magazine, N Magazine, Nantucket Today, and Nylon and Elle Magazine’s blogs.

IMG_3695 (640x427)

Photos By Melissa Tyler

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IMG_3068 (640x427)

MIDNIGHT FARM Vineyard Haven

We have visited Midnight Farm several times over the years and loved the atmosphere and mood of the store. This year we found out they moved to a space across the street from where they had previously been.

Midnight Farm

Midnight Farm  is a HOME store that represents Tamara Weiss’s passion for all things beautiful, textural, organic, reclaimed, hand made or unique. Tamara travels the world and gains inspiration from the artists, musicians and friends she meets along the way, including her friend and business partner, Carly Simon. Tamara and Carly have been lifelong friends. The store was named by Carly Simon who also penned a poem which led to a children’s book called “Midnight Farm”. 

Midnight Farm

The shop is big on comfort and style. Tamara Weiss carefully curates the unusual selection of goods:  furniture, bedding, art as well as clothing, jewelry and shoes for women, men, and children. 

Midnight Farm

The store pays homage to Vintage textiles from Morocco, India and Turkey sit side by side with luxurious silk bedding, candles, perfumes, books and treasures for the HOME, BODY and SPIRIT.

Midnight Farm

Specialty foods like local honey, sea salt, spicy kale, organic small batch granola, bacon jam, chocolates, and the ever-present mango lime salsa are some of the delectable foods one might find. 

Midnight Farm

You’ll also find copies of Tamara Weiss’s book  “Potluck at Midnight Farm”. Released in 2002, the cookbook style guide gives over 100 recipes  from potluck dinners hosted or attended by the author. PotLuck at Midnight Farm

Midnight Farm
Midnight Farm








Photos By Melissa Tyler

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Cape Cod Lavender Farm-2

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Turns out one of the biggest lavender farms on the east coast is in Harwich on Cape Cod!

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Cape Cod Lavender Farm is surrounded with 60 acres of conservation land with woodland and walking trails that overlooks Island Pond. Owners Cynthia and Mathew Sutphin have owned the farm since 1995. That’s the year they opened their farm to local’s to attend a harvest. The lavender farm is typically in bloom late June through early July.

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

They started the business with two best selling products, plants and loose lavender buds and 19 years latter have over 20 lavender products; which include home decor, culinary and mind, body and spirit needs.


Cape Cod Lavender Farm

In 2013, they expanded their enchanted garden, complete with a miniature replica medieval castle. The garden allows children and adults to let their imagination run among a variety of plants and faerie portals.

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

June and July is harvest times and the best time to explore the fields bloom and scents. The farm receives 10,000 visitors annually. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop!

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Photos By Melissa Tyler


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cape cod Ship Building Pic 1

Company Profile: Cape Cod Ship Building

Vanderbilt’s, World Cup Yacht Racing, the Kennedy’s and more!

download (1)

In 1947,  E.L. Goodwin bought the rights to build the Herreshoff 12 1/2 known  for decades as the preferred small craft of Newport by many including the Vanderbilt’s. Designed by Nathaniel Herreshoff and  known for a long line of racing boats that helped keep the American Cup in America.

Cape Cod Ship Building Company (CCSBC) have been builders of fine sailboats for over 100 years. In 1885 Myron and Charles Gurney manufactured wagons, carriages and wagon wheels for Tremont Nail and other Wareham companies. With the invention of the rubber tire, the Gurney Brothers knew they needed to shift gears. While occasionally building small skiffs for personal use in 1899 a new venture was decided. The Gurney Brothers named their new business Cape Cod Power Dory Co. Charles did the drafting and designing. During this time CCSBC built wooden pleasure and commercial boats including Coast Guard Boats. The Gurney Brothers made a variety of boats in all sizes.

In 1919, plans to build the Narrows Bridge were underway which would close Cape Cod Poer Dory Co off to Buzzards Bay. They moved to their present location at 7 Narrows Road with 1500″ of water frontage and changed their name to Cape Cod Shipbuilding Corp. In 1925, The Cape Cod Knockabout was designed and quickly became the most famous of Gurney’s designs. The Knockabout evolved in a competitive first design fleet which is still active today.  Ownership of CCSBC was passed to G.S Williams in 1935 after the death of Charles Gurney.

In 1928, E.L. Goodwin; President of Undercliff Boatworks in New Jersey, a dealer for Cape Cod boats came to speak with Cape Cod Shipbuilding regarding a recent decline in quality and ended up purchasing the company. In 1940 the Sparkman & Stephens designed Mercury was purchased and over 200 were built of wood between 1940-1952.

During WWII CCSBC began production of war tugs and launches for the military. E.L. Goodwin traveled to Washington to secure building contracts and required that the boats being built drew under 15″ in order to navigate the Wareham River. This in turn ment relatively smaller boats were being built at CCBSC. In 1943, One and a half 40″ tugboats were built a week and the company went from 1 to over 100 employees.

After the war, CCSBC was able to easily switch gears from the tugboats and launches to small pleasure boats. Shipyards building larger boats were not able to make this transition and consequently many went out of business. In 1947, all boats designed by Nathanael Herreshoff were purchased by CCSBC. Wooden Herreshoff H12 1/2’s continue to be built at CCSBC. After learning that the military was interested in fiberglass boats during one of E.L.’s trips to the Pentagon, E.L. worked with Mr. Bell of American Cyanamid in New York to build fiberglass products. The first fiberglass boat built by CCSBC was a model made under the office.  E.L. created air tanks within boats to allow them to float even when filled with water.


CCSBC went on to create the first fiberglass modeling room with concrete floor and fireproof walls. The ceiling was low and there were no windows in order to keep a steady temperature for consistent curing of the resin. In 1951, the first fiberglass Raven’s were built. Eight were delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Jack Daphney went to Aloca in 1952, which at the time was the only manufacturer of aluminum spars; to purchase spar dies for boats. He came home with the rights, extrusions and tools for all the aluminum spar building line. Zephyr Spars became a division of CCSBC.

Three of CCSB boats are in the prestigious flotilla at the Kennedy family compound; Ted Kennedy’s “MYA”, Eunice Shriver’s “Roses of all Roses” and Caroline Schlossberg’s “Snapdragon” are all Herreshoff 12 1/2’s.

E.L. worked with Cornelius Shields in 1962 to develop a boat for maritime cadets to understand how sailboats maneuver…the result is the Shields Class One Design designed by Sparkman & Shields. Cornelius Shields a dedicated believer in one design racing knew maritime cadets were learning to operate ships with no knowledge of the maneuverability of a sailboat. The class today remains a strict one design with fleets throughout the country. Gordon L. Goodwin became President of CCSBC in 1979. E.L. Goodwin passed away July 1994 at the age of 95.


Today, Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co and the Goodwin family continue to offer traditional fiberglass sail boats from 9 to 49 feet built  in Wareham. It’s a family business going on   tree generation with Wendy J. Goodwin serving as Vice President….And the boats their family built are being handed down generation to generation!


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Cape Cod Braided Rug Company

How Shoe Laces Inspired Cape Cod Braided Rug Company

Cape Cod Braided Rug Company



In 1910, Romeo Paulus was employed by a shoelace manufacturing company in Plainville, Massachusetts. He realized the same braiding process used in the production of shoelaces, could be applied to braided rug production.

Romeo modified the machinery used in shoelace production, producing the first machine-made braided rugs in the United States and started the Plainville Rug Company.

cape cod lighthouse round

Over the years, the company grew producing many different lines of braided rugs with distribution through the United States. The Paulus family moved to Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Braided Rug Company was founded in the early 1970’s. Over the years the company has grown, but the family tradition of handcrafted excellence, quality and the process used to produce braided rugs has not changed dramatically since that first braided rug produced by Romeo Paulus in 1910.

Today, tours are available at their Harwich manufacturing facility. These rugs are made of 100 percent wool…a natural “green” fiber and are unique one of a kind rugs available in custom colors and sizes up to 16 feet.

ppak one of a kind oval round

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Vermont Country Store

Christmas Card List Turns Into Great Idea!

The Vermont Country Store The Vermont Country Store

In 1945, Vrest and Ellen Orton printed their first catalog. It was just 12 pages and 36 products, but they mailed it to the folks on their Christmas card list! The rest as they say is history!

Founders Vrest and Ellen  Orton  built a business as purveyors of the practical and hard to fin. Vrest was a frugal Yankee at heart and insisted that the merchandise be durable and above all practical. His wife Ellen, who grew up on the Wilcox dairy farm in nearby Manchester, Vermont made certain the new business was as practical as the products it sold. Decades latter….the Orton family still holds this value.

To compliment the catalog mail order business Vrest and Ellen Orton opened The Vermont Country Store in Weston which was inspired by childhood memories of Vrest’s fathers’ General Store in North Calais Vermont that opened in 1897. The Weston shop was the first restored rural general store in the north!

“I can still remember my father’s store, where most of the men came in the evenings to wait for the horse drawn stage that brought the mail from Montpelier thirteen miles away” Vrest recalls. “The store was warm and cozy. It smelled of harness, coffee, smoky kerosene lamps, tobacco and pine wood burning in the big stove”.

The Vermont Country Store 2

Today, the Vermont Country store is owned by Lyman Orton and sons Cabot, Gardner and Eliot, 7th and 8th generation Vermonters and 4th and 5th generation storekeepers. They still adhere to the old fashioned values set forth by Vrest and take pride in being the purveyors of the practical and hard to find. The Vermont Country Store serves a global economy and searches throughout the nation an abroad to fine goods that fill the needs of American and international customers.

They are known for Apparel, Home Goods, Food and Candy and more! They also have a second location in Rockingham, Vermont.


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Lanterns 1


Lanterns Are Dramatic!

Lanterns 1

They are used for camping, lighting the night on a patio or outdoor space, emergency lighting, and for decorating, of course!

Decorative lanterns exist in a wide range of designs. Some hang from buildings, while others are placed on or just above the ground. Lanterns look even more dramatic and illuminating; of course when several are grouped together or hung  in a decorative fixed manner.

A primitive form of candle lantern, made from white horn and wood and called a lanthorn, was first made in the time of the English King Alfred the Great (849–899).

Lanterns are first spoken of by Theopumpus, a Greek poet, and Empedocles of Agrigentun.  Lanterns were used by the ancients in Augury.

Lanterns are used in many Chinese festivals. During the Ghost Festival, lotus shaped lanterns are set afloat in rivers and seas to symbolic guide the lost souls of forgotten ancestors to the afterlife. During the Lantern Festival,, the displaying of many lanterns is still a common sight on the 15th day of the first lunar month throughout China. In Chinese festivities, the kongming lanterns can be seen floating high into the sky during festivities.

Besides many coastal gift shops a huge assortment can be found at Pottery Barn

IMG_0310 - Copy (427x640)

Photos By Melissa Tyler

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