Whole Lotta Crunch

A Whole Lotta Crunch

We Found The BEST Ever Granola!

It’s soft, fresh, delicious and made right here on  Cape Cod

Whole Lotta Crunch

Recently, we visited the Bass River Farmers Market in South Yarmouth and tried A Whole Lotta Crunch  Don’t let the name fool you! This is not old box store granola AT ALL!  Just FRESH, MOIST, DELICIOUS Granola! It is the best we have ever had and worth a visit to the farm market or better yet just order online from wherever you are!

A Whole Lotta Crunch is an all natural, wholesome snack.  Have it mixed with berries and cereal, create your own  fruit and yogurt scrumptious parfait. We even sprinkled some on top of a sliced banana for breakfast, or just munch on some plain as a snack or late night  treat.

Oats, Dates, Raisins, Sliced Almonds, Wheat Germ, Cinnamon Dried Cranberries, Shredded Coconut  are just some of the Yummy ingredients that make this product absolutely Yummy!  Do we dare mention it’s good for you too!

Owner Valerie Stone has created a niche for her products and with some luck and perseverance Kids Muchin’ and Crunch Granola will be in Whole Foods in the near future! In the meantime you purchase the product on Cape Cod or by ordering directly through her website.

Try the Gluten Free Just Crunch and Monkey Crunch. These products are available at several Cape Cod outlets as well as the Bass River Farmers Market on Thursday’s and Saturdays from 9am – 1pm through the fall. 

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Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga

Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga

If you live on or off the Cape this is the place to experience Yoga! 

Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga
Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga has been a tradition in Chatham for 13 years. It is taught by Kripalu Yoga teacher Valerie Twomey, RN.

This is a very special place to practice Yoga! Oceanside with the sun, sand and ocean. Your stress will melt away!

Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga

Now through September 15th, 2014, daily, one and a half hour classes start at 7:30am– weather permitting. No pre-registration is required. Beginners  are welcomed and encouraged. Movement is slow, focus is on breath and safe alignment. Bring your sunglasses and a towel as the class is held on soft sand, right on the edge of the beach!

Each class ends with a time for relaxation. Kripalu Yoga on the beach strengthen your body, calm your mind,  reduce stress and provide an opportunity for improving your health.

Private classes are also available.

Photo By Melissa Tyler

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MIDNIGHT FARM Vineyard Haven

We have visited Midnight Farm several times over the years and loved the atmosphere and mood of the store. This year we found out they moved to a space across the street from where they had previously been.


Midnight Farm  is a HOME store that represents Tamara Weiss’s passion for all things beautiful, textural, organic, reclaimed, hand made or unique. Tamara travels the world and gains inspiration from the artists, musicians and friends she meets along the way, including her friend and business partner, Carly Simon. Tamara and Carly have been lifelong friends. The store was named by Carly Simon who also penned a poem which led to a children’s book called “Midnight Farm”. 


The shop is big on comfort and style. Tamara Weiss carefully curates the unusual selection of goods:  furniture, bedding, art as well as clothing, jewelry and shoes for women, men, and children. 

The store pays homage to Vintage textiles from Morocco, India and Turkey sit side by side with luxurious silk bedding, candles, perfumes, books and treasures for the HOME, BODY and SPIRIT.

Specialty foods like local honey, sea salt, spicy kale, organic small batch granola, bacon jam, chocolates, and the ever-present mango lime salsa are some of the delectable foods one might find. 

Potluck Cookbook Midndight Farm

You’ll also find copies of Tamara Weiss’s book  “Potluck at Midnight Farm”. Released in 2002, the cookbook style guide gives over 100 recipes  from potluck dinners hosted or attended by the author. 

Photos By Melissa Tyler

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Lobster Pot Provincetown

The Lobster Pot Provincetown MA

Appetizers, Lobster and More Overlooking The Provincetown Harbor

Recently, we visited The Lobster Pot Restaurant in Provincetown.   We had some great appetizers and lobster and of course wine! Owner and Chef,  Tim McNulty has established an exceptional menu, service and atmosphere for the restaurant. Luckily, our recent visit was before the busy tourist season to come. So relax have a glass of Cabernet or a Lobster Pot signature cocktail! 

Lobster Pot Provincetown

Here are a few appetizers we recommend  next time you decide to take the ride to Ptown!

Lobster Avocado Cocktail  – Meat from half of a 1 1/3 pound lobster, diced avocado and mango, sweet pepper vinaigrette and tarragon mayo. This was delicious!

Soft Shell Crab – breaded and fried served with garlic butter on parmigian toast. The light salad toppings and light creamy dressing were a unique added top off to this dish. Perhaps we should have ordered two!

You can also purchase Owner and Chef  Tim McNulty cookbook The Lobster Pot Cookbook and make those classic New England dishes at home! 

Photos By Melissa Tyler

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