Boston TV & Movie Sets Tour

 With the mild winter we had and Spring under way…it’s time to get out and enjoy the warm weather to come!

Boston TV & Movie Sets Tours offers the perfect opportunity for locals and tourists alike to experience Boston in a way that only they can offer!

Sit on the famous park bench from Good Will Hunting. Have a drink at the original Cheers! See one of  Jack Nicholson’s mob hangouts in The Departed. Discover the street of the Blown Away car crash.  See the buildings used in  Boston  Legal and Alley McBeal.  Boston TV & Movie Bus  and Walking  tours are available! Note two different tours are available.

Boston TV & Move Bus Tour – all leaving from Boston Commons   This is an Approximately 3 hours tour visiting over 40 sites.

January – March: Saturdays at 11 am
April – May: Saturday & Sunday at 11am
June – August: Thurs – Sunday at 11am
September – October: Saturday & Sunday at 11am
November – December: Saturday at 11am

Boston Movie Mile Walking Tours – all departing from Boston Commons. This is a 1.5 hour tour visiting over 30 sites.  

April – May: Saturday & Sunday at 2:30pm
June – August: Friday – Sunday at 2:30pm
September – October: Saturday at 2:30pm


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