Wooden Christmas Tree

Perfect For Year Round Use + Holiday Decorations!

FestiveTree  a small innovative design company out of New Hampshire has launched its online store featuring unique, artisan built Holiday Trees.  A hybrid of sustainability and nature, these trees  offer something that has been seriously lacking when it comes to Christmas trees: choice. Crafted from genuine quality wood, these highly original, modern designs usher in a new age of celebratory symbols.
Owner and designer Mike Sanok says that he was inspired to create the trees as a way to counter the commercialism and waste of Christmas with something simpler and more sustainable. “Some people just don’t want a live Christmas tree anymore. Either their kids are grown or they want something different and more personal.” Sanok believes that artificial trees, which are typically made in China from petroleum sub-products with lead based hazards, are even less of a desirable option for many.

Festive Tree offers a true alternative with its unique designs rooted in artistic and environmental integrity. This is a whole a new kind of holiday tree – one that is environmentally friendly, reusable, and versatile. No messy needles, no driving around to find the right tree year after year. More importantly, says Sanok, each tree is truly a piece of art that can be a family heirloom which will embody the shared memories of families year after year.  Festive Tree designs are ideal because they honor the holiday season in a way that accommodates a variety of religious and cultural traditions.

Festive Trees are between three and four feet in height and can be completely dismantled and stored after the holidays. Made of quality fine woods, three unique tree designs are offered this year: The People’s Tree; The Norwegian; and the Puzzle Tree.
Pictured here is the People’s Tree. This design stands about four feet in height and captures a sense of motion in nature. Indeed, the artful shape of the boughs resembles the wings of winter birds in flight. This stunning tree emanates a peaceful, meditative energy that will resonate throughout any home. Ideal for primary residences, city abodes, condos, lake and beach homes.