Diana- The People’s Princess

Collection of Original Royal Gowns Comes to New Hampshire

As the world buzzes about the royal wedding of Princess Diana’s son Prince William, a unique collection of 14 of the Princess’ gowns, stories and videos celebrating her life will make a final stop in Plymouth, New Hampshire before being divided and sold at auction!

The World Class exhibition “Diana – The People’s Princess” will be featured for a limited engagement at “The Common Man Family’s – Flying Monkey Movie House and Performance  Center in Plymouth from Monday April 25th – Sunday, May 8th, 10am – 7 pm. For more information and tickets visit The Flying Monkey Movie House for details.

This is a unique opportunity and a “Must Attend” event which includes the largest private collection of Princess Diana’s gowns in the world, and is the last time they will be shown together in the United States!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity and a part of history!

For more information and tickets to this event click the above highlighted link!